My Top 7 for using real flowers for the wedding!

There will always be a fight between a Real Flowers and Fake Flowers brides.
We all come from different communities with unique traditions.
I came from a country where no one uses fake flowers for weddings. Never. I mean never ever.
It`s a no brainer, we just don`t make this choice. And it`s only fresh flower bouquets. Always.

So here are my Pros to use real, fresh flowers for your special day:

1. Unique look – Every real flower is unique in its own way. The size, shape, shade, move and look completely different from very best manufactured bloom. No florist can ever make the same bouquet twice just because there is no identical flowers unless they are fake.

2. Aroma – There is no need to say twice. Nothing can compare with the aroma of the real flowers. Could you imagine a reception filled with scent of fresh roses, freesias and peonies?
I can, mine was.

3. Natural – Big and warm hug to Eco Brides! It`s just natural to have an environmentally-friendly bouquet in your hands. Ability to compost them minimizing our footprint on the Earth is a huge Yes from me. Go green

4. Memorabilia – Have you ever thought about using flowers or foliage from the garden grown by your lovely Nanna? Bouquet with a soul.

5. Emotions – Personally, I love a new trend of giving away the wedding flowers to the hospitals and care homes. There is a double use for real flowers to make people smile and enjoy a little gift.

6. Modern – Real flowers are always in trend.

7. And my favourite one – Just Because

And don`t forget, your bouquet will be on every photo photographer takes. Real bouquet only for your day, reflects only your style and character, your passion and drive!
So make sure there is Real Smiles, Real Flowers and Real Love.


  • Natali Reply

    So true. I used just real flowers for my wedding . Just because 🙂

  • Rachel Reply

    I completely agree! I spoke with alot of couples at a recent wedding expo and the few who mentioned they were having artificial flowers mentioned missing the lovely scents! I think flowers are so unique and beautiful it would be a shame to not have them on your big day!

    Also my sister is getting married this year and we are going to include some foliage from our childhood home in her bouquet! Super sentimental!

    Great article!

    • Olena Manoli Reply

      Thank you Rachel!
      Congratulations on your sister’s upcoming wedding, exciting times ahead!
      This is so great that you’re going to use foliage that means a lot for her!
      Hope her bouquet would be beautiful and meaningful at the same time)

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