Flowers to carry

Dear brides-to-be, think about the fun that you can have with your bouquet!

We can help create The Bridal Bouquet Only for You out of everything, flowers, herbs, grass, moss, tree branches, you name it! With one little condition – it has to be real produce.

It can bring beauty, elegance, a touch of the colour scheme for you special day. You can really add some charm and say a lot about your style and individuality with a bouquet.

Bridal bouquet also may be used to express yourself through the flowers themselves. Choose peonies as a symbol of a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity.  Roses to symbolize love and desire, purity and innocence. Orchids for love, beauty and fertility. We can continue the list on and on.

Our range of bouquets includes classic hand tied bouquets, cascades, wild looking free flowing bouquets, glamelias, pomanders and tiny posies. We also are able to give you styling tips on sizing and colour scheme to suit you best.

To get more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.